Deconstruction East and West

Introduction To Emptiness Teachings

Audio Interview of Susan Kahn (click here)

In this audio recording, I speak with Scott Kiloby on the subject of emptiness teachings. This Buddhist teaching and philosophy is very comprehensive. It enables people to see through the illusion of a world of inherently separate things, including so critically, a separate self. The recognition that everything exists dependently and that nothing has its own essence or nature, is what is meant by emptiness. Scott Kiloby is well-known author and teacher. Scott’s website is It offers wealth of information and resources.

7 Responses to “Introduction To Emptiness Teachings”

  1. peterfdz

    Thanks for a great interview, Susan! As always with your work, it was very insightful and penetrating–cutting through any would-be assumptions like a laser…but a gentle, friendly laser!

  2. ~riverflow

    Susan, you have a way of explaining things with such clarity. Thank you for sharing…


  3. ~riverflow

    “Compassion is the realization of emptiness… To realize emptiness is to realize compassion. Compassion is not about self-sacrifice– it’s about seeing that there is no inherently existent self. And therefore you are everything. You are everyone and everyone is you.”

    I think this is really an important thing to understand– compassion doesn’t arise out of a sense of guilt. And, besides, there is no “self” to sacrifice!

    It was when I first got a glimmer of this that really brought me to Buddhism. It was reading Thich Nhat Hanh’s brief commentary on the Heart Sutra that especially opened a door of understanding for me.


  4. Susan Kahn

    Thank you all.

    I appreciate what you’re saying here Josh, what you’re emphasizing. Yes, to see through a separate self is a whole different way of living. Instead of hunkering down into a protective mode, there is the realization that there is no separate I to defend, no actual loss or gain that is possible. And so one is free to live with an open heart.


  5. ~riverflow

    Listened to this again today, Susan. Very good (I actually have it downloaded onto my computer!).


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