Deconstruction East and West

Empty Buddha

The peace of Śūnyatā,

The emptiness of all things,
Nothing exists in itself,
The wind is windless.
Thoughts dependently arise
And so, cannot be found.
Thoughts are trees and clouds,
And thought is but a name.
As a subject needs an object,
There can be no true subject.
With objects marked by subjects,
There can be no true thing.
Dependently arisen,
Nothing is ultimately located.
All along, fractured activity
Was a village of words.
Still, a wind appears,
Leaves stir and rustle,
And a bird takes flight,
All empty, but not nothing.
The two truths and their unity,
Conventional and ultimate,
When finely apprehended,
Clear away confusion.
Insight becomes the means
To deconstruct the deception
That things self-exist.
The illusion dispelled.
Then, to directly behold
The emptiness of entities,
The entire, mere convention
Of the phenomenal world.
Freedom from thingness,
A heart without stones.
Attachment lifted,
As like a spring morning.

12 Responses to “Empty Buddha”

  1. don gibbons

    hello and thank you for these inspirations.
    Back in the day Dylan wrote “he not busy being born is busy dying” and that was powerful stuff in its day. Now its like we need to be busy deconstructing (dying to?) our world of conception. For me the key is dependence, this concept implies sharing and if something is shared it cannot belong to any single one (person, place or thing) involved. Independence is an illusion…. an important message for the West to realize.
    Thanks again.

  2. carrollizard

    Neither same nor different applies.
    Without one, how can there be two?
    Look for the one. It cannot be found.
    How then might there be two?
    The conception of who I am.
    Compare the same to the tree in the yard.
    To the concept of the tree in the yard.
    Assuming two,
    When not even one can be found.
    All falls short of the mark.


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