Seeing Through the Illusion of Thingness


These articles are written from the tradition of Buddhist Emptiness Teachings. In this teaching, it is shown that all phenomena, including the self, lack the separate and concrete existence or nature that they appear to have. It is this absence of inherent existence that is called emptiness. Through insight and direct experience, it is realized that all phenomena are illusory-like, without any substantial existence.

This is not easy to grasp, but in time, there is the understanding that everything is empty, not non-existent, but empty of a self-essence. It is recognized that nothing has its own nature or being, and that there is no subjective self “in here” looking at a world “out there,” no such duality.

With the insight that everything is empty of inherent existence, the desperate and endless grasping onto things in life loses hold. The intense attachment to outcomes loses its weight and there can be peace. For it is seen that ultimately, there is no real loss and gain, no true coming and going. This is the realization of emptiness that brings freedom and peace. And as the separate self is seen through, there comes the blossoming of compassion and the chance to live in a deeply clear and meaningful way.

I teach the philosophy and practice of Emptiness Teachings also known as Middle Way Buddhism or Madhyamaka, I am also a practicing psychotherapist. If requested, I can combine Buddhist Emptiness Teachings and psychotherapy, which can be beneficially combined.

I can be reached at:

Susan Kahn:  Emptiness teachings, Psychotherapist




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